I'm still here! And there's news!

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all kicking booty in whichever way makes sense to you.

I’ve been hard at work back in Portland getting things ready for our album release, and I have some exciting news! If you’re wondering if it’s the release date, it’s not, sorry. That is still TBA, but let’s just say don’t expect to gift the album to anyone for Christmas this year. Maybe Labor Day next year, though…

First thing is: the album mixes are nearly done and it’s sounding great. The group & I have had a good time going back and forth through the songs and making them the best they can be. Really happy with how it's all turning out, and hopefully you will be, too. :)

Second thing is: I received a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council of Portland to support the album release! I’m honored to receive support from public funds, especially at a time when political gaslighting and slashing of social nets & public art funds is the norm. I’m proud to be a dissident voice among many voices that has something critical yet hopeful to say. The grant will allow us to tour more next year, as well as make a very cool music video, which leads me to the third thing...

Third thing is: I will be working with the Oregon Historical Society to make a music video or two for the album. This fall/winter I’ll get to get my librarian hat back on and sift through archives of historical film footage and find clips that I think will best tell the story for a couple of songs on the album, particularly songs that are very place-based and draw from Portland’s urban environment. Looking forward to it immensely.

SHOWS! We have some shows coming up and hope to see you there. The band is playing our first ever show at Mississippi Studios in Portland on July 27th, opening for Grizfolk. Excited to finally play this somewhat coveted venue. You can get tickets here.

Last announcement is, in August I’ll be on a West Coast tour with my friend Whim. Check out this sweet poster she made! If you miss our July 27th show, please come to our tour kick-off show August 8th at Turn! Turn! Turn! I will have new merch available: t-shirts, camping mugs, and #Pride ambidextrous toothbrushes (yep, based on my lyric “I can brush my teeth with either hand”). You can find more info and tickets on my website.


Thanks for your support everyone - you all rock.

Lots of love from the OA headquarters (aka, just my bedroom, lol).

Olivia Awbrey