Here goes nothin'... (off to England)

Well, it's happening. Little under a year ago I went over to England to see some shows and not make too much of a fuss other than be a giant music nerd. To my surprise, I was able to meet people who turned right back around to help me get a proper tour set up over there. If you've read my blog then you know I'm a big fan of the punk/acoustic scene over there, so little teenage Olivia is doing a happy dance right now while current mid-twenties Olivia looks on in utter terror. But if we didn't do the things that scare the shit out of us, what else would we be doing with our finite time on this beautifully revolving planet? Having just finished recording half an album with the boys, and Margaret and I have honed in our duo set, I'm feeling real good about it all. I also feel totally nuts, but mostly just good.

Watch this space for more updates and stories! Bag is packed, passport renewed, I've got a bunch of weird snacks, and no I'm not eating an edible on the flight this time...

First show is on Thursday the 6th at the Green Note in Camden! 8pm sharp. See you there.

Olivia Awbrey