"You're so metal" (Wait, what?) Part II

(Originally posted March 27th, 2017)

Thirdly: The band and I got to play WOW Hall this past weekend, opening for The Soft  White Sixties (nice guys, very Black Keys-esque). It definitely feels good to have gone from playing a lot of free shows in small cafes to playing big hall-type venues and have the ability to pay the band. The progress feels real and tangible, and overall is a feeling that’s hard to describe.

Our next full-band show is April 8th at Eastburn on E. Burnside. Entrance is donation-based! We’ve got a handful of new songs we’re starting to work on, but those won’t be out at gigs until later this year. I’m very excited about them – I’m already thinking of what we’ll record as a “single” later this year, and what the beginnings of album #2 will look like. Yup, I’m in this pretty deep, there’s no turning back now.

Keep an eye on this blog and on our bandcamp (and I guess the Facebook page, too – sorry, I’ll get more organized soon!) for updates about tours. I’ve already done a slew of booking for the year (and still booking! wink wink), and we’ll be hitting lots of cool venues along the I-5 corridor this June and August, and even venturing into the Gorge a bit!

All right, I hope this read wasn’t a waste of your time and maybe I’ll see you back here for the next post.

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