You're so metal! (Wait, what?)

(Originally posted March 27th, 2017)

Hey there, hope you’re doing well.

After a few friends encouraged that I do this, I decided to start a casual blog that summarizes the music stuff the band and I get to do this year. With our first band album out, the Folk Alliance Festival under my belt, and some really cool tours on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to have an easy way to share what’s going on with Olivia & Co. that isn’t through damn FB. (We’re still working on a band name).  Plus, when I’m in my sixties, I’d like to remember my minor glory days and read about them all over again on the internet… Whether or not that’s interesting to you is your matter, and of course totally your choice if you’d like to continue reading at this point…

I’ve got a lot to cover, so this blog will be split into two posts!

First order of business is: I self-released an album! It’s called Fight or Fight and you can hear/buy it here. We’re putting it up on Spotify and iTunes in the near future, so you’ll be able to get it there soon, too. The release show was incredible! Considering how talented and positive all the performers were (comedians, improvisers and musicians), it’s no surprise that the show sold out. (And I’m stoked I get to say we played a sold out release show). I was honored to have The Doubleclicks play, and Katie Piatt and Mom Jeans Improv added to the uplifting evening with their hilarity. The stage dive (no matter how orchestrated and safe it was) was super punk, and my good friend Bowie (only the truest of metal heads) told me that, even though my music is on the indie side, my “spirit is so metal.” Biggest compliment I’ve ever received.

I’m happy with the album and proud of the work we put into it. The band and I received praise from a couple of my music heroes, one being Chris T-T who played my song “The Way You Want” on his radio program Midnight Campfire. Also cool, a couple of labels (like Bloodshot Records in Chicago) took interest in a few of the songs, and of course so many friends, family members and supporters have all said really kind things. Thanks so much, you guys. The musical horizon is looking great from here.

Secondly, and not necessarily in order: I attended and played the Folk Alliance International Festival in Kansas City last month, and it was great. There were a lot of industry type folks floating around, which isn’t really my thing and overall made me really uncomfortable, but I sucked it up and was able to meet some really great musicians who I’d love to bump into again. Some highlights were: drinking gin with Nan Warshaw from Bloodshot Records, listening to my friends Clara Baker and Tara Velarde sing their beautiful songs with their big beautiful voices, hearing Al Scorch and Matt the Electrician for the first time, and possibly my favorite highlight was my habit of drinking coffee at 10pm and switching to whiskey by midnight every night.

This round-up is continued in the next blog…

Olivia Awbrey