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(Originally posted February 12th, 2018)


I’m spending this week prepping to go to Folk Alliance International in Kansas City this weekend, which feels like I’m preparing to perform in some kind of beatnik bluegrass circus event while simultaneously throwing up business cards. I was on the fence about going back to FAI this year, thinking it might be better to spend a weekend at Mt Hood polishing off new material, but then I met so many sweet people last year, I can only imagine it will be more of the same. Also gonna be sharing a room with the Oregon songwriters dream team (Tara Velarde, Clara Baker and Caitlin Jemma), so it’s gonna be good!

I have some music news I can begin to share bits and pieces of, and I’m still pinching myself at how many cool things are taking shape for 2018.  First off, I have a bunch of new material that is likely going to make up my sophomore release (EP or album, TBD) and I can say that thematically, lyrically and musically I’ve never been more excited about a group of songs. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been working hard to make a coherent thought of an album, and the band is working just as hard to make up parts that bring out the best in the songs.

We’re recording a single! The song is called “Don’t Be Alarmed,” which we’ve played live a few times, but it’s really come alive in the studio and I’m excited to share the final version soon. We recorded the song with the very talented Matt Greco at his studio The Rye Room, and as always, Matt has made the process simple, fun, relaxed and creative. I highly recommend checking out his space and working with him if you get the chance.

I’m also really pleased to share that the song is going to be mixed and mastered by Jon Clayton in London. Jon runs OneCat Studio and I’ve been a fan of his production work ever since listening through Chris T-T’s album Capital, so I feel lucky that he agreed to work on a song of mine.

Another piece of news I’m excited to share is that the rest of the sophomore release will be recorded at Destination:Universe in SE Portland, and it will be produced with help from Hutch Harris (The Thermals) and Victor Nash! The studio is also a SCI-FI library and the walls are covered floor-to-ceiling in science-fiction novels and it’s perfect. The space, the vibe and the people all fit really well with the songs we’re going to record, which do have elements of sci-fi, including a feminist mutiny of the White House and globalists taking over the moon (!!). 


I have a string of Oregon and California tour dates in April with two lovely Portland songwriters. The first leg is with my friend Austin Farrell, who I met way back when I was hosting shows at The Painted Porch in Eugene. Austin is a dedicated environmentalist and emotive songwriter who’s taken a recent turn in musical styles (from reggae to Americana ;)) – he’s lovely and touring with him will be great. The second leg will be with one of my favorite songwriters in town, Huck Notari. Take a second to listen to his album Huck Notari and The River. It’s stunning.

Last teeny bit of news is that I’m playing my first string of shows in Colorado in July, AND I’m in the middle of planning a full band tour to England in September! Unfortunately I can’t bring the boys with me, but I am STOKED to have the Swedish goddesses from the London band Junodef agree to back me up at shows. More news to come there, but holy crap, I can’t wait to go back and play with them!


If you made it this far in the blog, then you get the special prize: a joke.

Q: What was Beethoven’s favorite fruit?


Much love,

Olivia xx

Olivia Awbrey