"The best of both alternative rock energy and fun pop vocals... We are very excited to hear more." - Indie Band Guru

Olivia Awbrey Says "Don't Be Alarmed"


"'Don’t Be Alarmed' is superb. The infectious energy of the tune drenches you in buff sonic colors, leaving you soaked to the skin. Olivia Awbrey definitely has oodles of talent. Be alarmed if you miss 'Don’t Be Alarmed.'” - BlogCritics

Music Premiere: Olivia Awbrey - 'Don't Be Alarmed' Pulses with Energy


"[Don't Be Alarmed] sounds folk and punk enough to not need any big explanation; it's personal, it's political, it's life. And it rocks." - Chill Filtr, Ashland, OR

Don't Be Alarmed - Olivia Awbrey [Single Review]


"Long associated with a more folk sound, this single is the perfect stepping stone between those more considered sonics and what next year’s sophomore album promises to be about." - The Swindonian, UK

Don't Be Alarmed - Olivia Awbrey [Single Review]


"Packing well-crafted, road-tested tunes on her debut record, Olivia Awbrey spreads her folksy wings and brings some outspoken punky, rock and roll energy to her full-band, studio debut while still retaining her softer side." - Vortex Music Magazine

Olivia Awbrey: 'Ones To Make It' [Song Premiere]


"A slightly more epic Esme Patterson... Look out for her." - Midnight Campfire, Brighton, UK

Midnight Campfire Radio Program


"Someone once said that all emotion is good emotion, and in Awbrey’s case that smacks of truth. Pouring her soul out through a pen has been great for this chanteuse, and going it alone has been all the better...Keep your eyes peeled, Eugene, Olivia Awbrey is one to watch." - Eugene Weekly

New Wheels, New Music


"Awbrey's songs are hard-hitting and personal, raucous and delicate in all the right moments. The arrangements and production are exquisite in their own right, elevating Awbrey's beautiful vocal melodies with tasteful reserve and finesse." - Source Unknown